Monday, December 11, 2023

On the Verge of Boycotting the Wonka Film, It Actually Records Good Ratings at the Box Office

The film Wonka, starring Timothee Calamet, is on the verge of a boycott due to the controversy over its mockery of Palestine. World netizens are busy admitting that they are lazy about watching Wonaka because of Timothee Calamet's controversy when he appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

However, according to Variety, Wonka managed to earn US$43.2 million and topped the international box office. Also read: When Wonka Lost Fans Due to Boycott of Timothee Calamet This Warner Bros release got off to a good start overseas, where it debuted in 37 countries, including Spain, Germany, Mexico, Japan and the UK.

Wonka's initial gross of US$11.1 million in the latter country was the studio's second-biggest opening of the year. Despite its success in the United States, Wonka doesn't seem to have much success in Asian countries.

It is claimed that this film is still struggling in China after earning US$3.2 million. Also Read: Wonka Film Trailer Released, Director Leaks Interesting Facts about Timothee Chalamet This revenue is considered low, with the studio claiming that this result may have been influenced by the flu epidemic.

Wonka was previously considered to be low on fans after various negative reactions from netizens aimed at this film. After the trailer was released, calls for a boycott of Wonka spread widely, even in Indonesia. The average netizen admits that he is lazy about watching the Wonka film because of what Timothee did.

Reporting from Newsweek, the SNL skit shows the three members of a comedy group called "Please Don't Destroy" trying to convince Chalamet, who plays an aspiring musician, not to jump to his death. They promised to support him on social media, until they learned that his band was called "Hamas", pronounced "Hay-mus". "Dude, I don't want to share Hamas songs on Instagram!" one of them shouted at Chalamet.

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This joke later drew criticism from pro-Palestinian accounts on social media, with many calling the actor a "Zionist". Apart from this problem, a number of Willy Wonka fans are also not interested in watching the film due to Jhonny Depp's absence.

Johnny Depp himself is the original character who played Willy Wonka in the film Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which was released in 2005. "This film will fail," said an American netizen on X. "This film is a total failure," commented another. Check other news and articles on Google News

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