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3 Best Films Starring Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's most famous actors and is said to be the main star in the Mission Impossible film series. But, not only Mission Impossible, he also acted in various other films. In fact, Tom Cruise is now one of the senior actors in the United States film industry

The following are the 3 best films starring Tom Cruise.

Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man is often said to be one of the best drama films in film history, Tom Cruise plays Charlie Babbitt in this film. He stars alongside Dustin Hoffman who plays Raymond Babbitt. This film tells the story of Charlie Babbitt who inherited an inheritance from his father.

He meets Raymond, his brother who has autism syndrome. The two of them developed a close relationship and over time Charlie felt touched that his brother was not just a source of money.

Collateral (2004)

This thriller genre film, played by Jamie Foxx, was broadcast in 2004. Tom Cruise plays the role of a hitman named Vincent in this film. He hires a taxi driver named Max when carrying out one of his missions. The tension and excitement is present throughout the film when Max kills a number of his targets mercilessly.

Meanwhile, Max struggles to stop Vincent's actions. This film is suitable to watch for those of you who like the thriller genre.

Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Top Gun: Maverick is the sequel to Top Gun (1986), this film has an amazing story plot and the quality is much improved from the previous film. More than 30 years after the events of the first film, Tom Cruise plays Pete Mitchell or Maverick again.

This time Pete is haunted by his past and must return to the academy to teach punishment for his mistakes. Those are the 3 recommendations for the best films starring Tom Cruise. You should watch a series of Tom Cruise films apart from Mission Impossible if you like this senior actor.

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