Sunday, October 1, 2023

Four SM Entertainment Idols Win the "One Take or Nothing" Title at It's Live

One of the YouTube channels that shows the singing abilities of KPop idols directly is It's Live. However, there is something interesting, some KPop idols are even able to sing live with just one recording. They were given the title "One Take or Nothing".

Through this event, SM Entertainment idols advanced to dominate the title "One Take or Nothing". Who are they? Let's see together!

1. Aespa

Through the promotion of aespa's third mini album, MY WORLD, the four members were present to sing live on it's Live. They performed the band's version of the main song MY WORLD. The songs are "Spicy" and "thirsty".

aespa is indeed praised for their songs which have difficult tunes that are difficult to cover. However, after attending this event, their talents were increasingly recognized. They were able to sing so beautifully and relaxedly with just one recording.


Even though it just debuted this September, RIIZE has already received a lot of praise. One of them is their vocal abilities. They made a stunning appearance at it's Live by performing the band's version of the songs "Memories" and "Get A Guitar".

Their live appearance alone is a treat for listeners' ears. But the fact that this is only one recording makes it even more appropriate to make them a newcomer group with impressive talent.

3. EXO's D.O

EXO's D.O is the newest SM Entertainment idol to attend this event. D.O was present to promote his second mini album entitled EXPECTATION. He was present to perform the songs "Somebody" and "I DO".

D.O's soft but very stable voice will make the audience enjoy his performance even more. Who would have thought that a performance as cool as this was only done in one recording? It is proven that EXO's D.O is indeed a great vocalist.

4. EXO's Chen

Finally, there is Chen EXO whose singing abilities have been highly recognized. He has a high, melodious voice with a stunning singing technique. In the promotion of his third mini album entitled Last Scene, he sang the songs "Last Scene" and "Traveler". With just one take of these two songs, they are able to wash away our feelings.

SM Entertainment is filled with idols who have stunning vocals. Who else do you think is an SM Entertainment idol who should show off his vocal skills here?

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