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Fast X Film Review: Interesting and Action-packed Scenes

Fast X This time tries to answer fans' complaints by presenting more interesting action scenes. However, this film still has difficulty holding back so that there are many parts that are still too hyperbolic and break through reasonable boundaries.

I've tried to manage expectations and get rid of reason a little before the story begins. My memory is still fresh when I see the 'magical' scenes from the last series.

For example, the moment Dom and Brian crossed a skyscraper by car in Furious 7 (2015), or Tej and Roman driving a car into outer space in F9 (2021).

The decision to be indifferent to matters of logic was quite right. I have to admit Fast X is full of entertainment with tons of crazy action scenes.

Louis Leterrier, who replaced Justin Lim as the director, managed to translate the script nicely. He is jor-rod in pouring elements of the fight through shootouts, car chases, to flexing with sophisticated equipment.

I was lulled by the entertaining action scenes, until I realized that the story of this film is far from good.

Leterrier failed to live up to expectations for story matters. He is just like me or other spectators, ignoring the plot and instead being engrossed in playing around with bombastic action scenes.

Some parts of the story seem to ignore logic or keep the story in order. As a result, I didn't get into the strong motives behind each character's steps or decisions.

Another impact of the poor quality of the story is that several scenes end in hyperbolism and don't make sense. The shape is indeed not as bad as before, but the scene is still disturbing.

One thing that still resonates is the scene of Dom teaching his son, Brian Marcos, how to drift, who looks not even 10 years old. Or when Dom managed to bring down two helicopters with the gas pull of his Camaro.

Luckily, Fast X was starred by an elite class ensemble, so it was enough to save the story. There is no doubt about the chemistry between the main characters, considering that they have been together for many years.

Dom and Letty's relationship has grown more mature, especially since they raised Brian Marcos. The fierce Dom Toretto also often shows his fragile side through the father-son scene with Brian aka Little B.

The interactions of other characters such as the comical Roman and Tej, plus Han and Ramsey further color the 'family' dynamic.

However, the charm that catches the most attention actually comes from Jason Momoa who plays Dante Reyes, Dom's newest enemy. The eccentric and crazy character of Dante Reyes is perfect for Jason.

He is almost flawless and even dominates when he incarnates as Dante. The new life of this film can be felt every time Dante comes up with a crazy plan because of his obsession with Dom.

In fact, I think Dante Reyes deserves to be named as one of the most interesting Fast & Furious Saga villains and managed to save Fast X from boredom.

He appears for one purpose only: to wreak havoc in the craziest way possible. Of course, that method succeeded in making me and most people entertained.

Appreciation also needs to be given to Jakob Toretto. John Cena offers a different freshness when appearing as 'babysitter' Little B. Unfortunately, Dante and Jakob didn't get the chance to share the screen for a longer time.

I also feel that Leterrier is building a big plot to end this saga. He did everything possible for that, including uniting almost all the important characters to fight Dante.

In fact, there is an odd feeling when you see one villain after another finally befriending Dom. Because the process behind it feels so fast, as if ignoring the emotional impression that has been built from the previous story.

In the end, this narrative can only be defended for nostalgic reasons. Fast X doesn't seem to want to miss the opportunity to unite the iconic characters from the saga in one screen.

Bringing together elite class actors who have appeared in the Fast & Furious saga, for me, is definitely a magic trick from the producers. Fast X seems to be a sign that the next two or three films that close the saga will be more grandiose and ambitious.

This is made clear by the arrival of two iconic characters at the end of the story and the post-credits scene, which again raises eyebrows because logic is difficult to understand.

However, what is the meaning of story and logic if this franchise continues to sell well in the market thanks to the 'popcorn' action scenes that are so entertaining. The previous series of films also continued to gain box offices of up to trillions of rupiah, even though they were full of magical scenes beyond reason.

I think this saga will still be awaited until it really ends, at least for fans who have followed Dom's journey so far.

Even with the hint that was thrown through Fast X, Louis Leterrier could be preparing an ending to the Fast & Furious Saga that is as ambitious as Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame.

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