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Movie CREED 3: Review, Story, And Conclusion

CREED 3: Review

Movie Creed 3 starring Michael B. Jordan. This time, they are back with a continuation through Creed III which is said to be showing an interesting story and an intense and interesting boxing fight. Check out our review!

Story premise Creed 3

Here Adonis Creed – the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion decides to retire with honor with a loving family and a successful management career in Creed III. He is married to Bianca (Tessa Thompson), a talented musician who turns to production when her hearing loss gets worse. Amara (Mila Davis Kent), their hearing impaired daughter, is intelligent and also a fighter like her father.

To give him a milestone, Adonis even trains Felix Chavez (Jose Benavidez), the new heavyweight champion. Even though they seem to be enjoying life so far, something is about to change.

Adonis' life has completely changed again due to the unexpected arrival of Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors), who has just been released from prison after nearly two decades. They are more than just friends, they are practically brothers as both of them lived in an orphanage together during their youth. Damian is ready to continue his boxing career as he is also a former amateur boxer and asks if Adonis is willing to help him get his chance.

The audience later learned that due to a violent altercation this resulted in Damian spending half his life in prison, while Adonis managed to escape and found great glory. So these two people have their own history and grudges.

Damian didn't just appear out of thin air by chance, but he is a constant reminder of a childhood friendship that didn't pan out. Because of this, Adonis is easily cajoled into giving Damian a shot at the title, but nothing goes well in the movie, does it? But, this then leads to a big fight between Adonis and Damian.

Intense Storyline Creed 3

With Creed III, Michael B. Jordan made his feature film directorial debut. I think he made a pretty solid debut being able to produce amazing performances from his co-stars and himself, as well as capturing the series' iconic and awesome fights so well. I'm aware that some people doubt his ability as a director, but luckily, Michael B. Jordan proved them wrong by doing an outstanding job in Creed III.

He displayed an uncanny knack by going beyond the logic of a typical boxing film to turn a screenplay into an intense character-driven drama. This is obvious as everything moves at a constant pace as Jordan takes time to develop his characters and plot, leaving enough space for us to feel drawn into their conflict.

The absence of Stallone, the creator of this series, is arguably the most striking change in Creed III. Stallone is still on board with the film as a producer, but other than that he's leaving everything to Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan may have played the main character in the first two "Creed" films. However, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is still an important link between this spin-off film and the original “Rocky” franchise. By eliminating Rocky, Creed III provides an opportunity for Adonis to step out of the shadow of the former main character to walk his own path.

All Solid Character Roles

Michael B. Jordan gives the character of Adonis 'His Creed' significant charisma and personality. Jordan does an excellent job controlling his character, whether he is fighting opponents in the ring or when he is interacting with his family which often includes speechless conversations spoken in Sign Language between him and his daughter, Amara. Overall, he is really great and I understand why he is such a famous actor in Hollywood.

The same goes for the rest of the cast, particularly Tessa Thompson, what I love is that Jordan really values the supporting cast. She had her own moments to shine, playing Adonis' wife with personal struggles namely hearing loss but still supporting her husband until the end.

After that, there is Jonathan Majors, who is known as one of the best antagonist roles in the “Rocky” series. He is undeniably a capable actor, and effortlessly delivers as Danien who goes from a former criminal seeking a fresh start to a villain with a hidden agenda who betrays Adonis. Even though he is still very cruel, manipulative, cruel and loves to play dirty, I can't help feeling sympathy after knowing more about his background. He really excels in those kinds of roles, even in Ant-Man 3.

Detailed Picture

Kramer Morgenthau, who previously worked on “Creed II,” returned behind the camera and captured the film from dramatic angles, dark shadows around the ring to emphasize the more intense fights, and cast vivid colors in warm scenes.

He also made unexpected improvements to the formula. By using slow motion techniques in combat, this allows the audience to participate in a moment-by-moment analysis of each punch, as Adonis sees weaknesses in the opponent's defense and so on.

This was particularly true of the first and last matches, where they used a combination of fast-paced camera angles and slow-motion shots of the furious punches. What can I say, I like this approach, because boxing is not all about fighting. Boxers also need to think about strategy. With Creed using more strategic camera techniques in his film, this film shows a tactical side of this sport that is different from the majority of other similar films.

While Creed III's visuals are stunning and full of detail, it's annoying when some parts of the arena show "fake" crowds of spectators. This stands in stark contrast to the rest of the film's aesthetic.


Creed III still sticks to some of the boxing movie formulas we've seen so many times before, but actor-director Michael B. Jordan has shown that he has what it takes to make a great sequel, and more importantly, a much better sequel to 2018 sequel.

Although still a sequel to Rocky, Creed III finally acknowledges that Adonis' story now has a completely separate identity, and the freedom to make his own decisions and develop. Creed III is a cool sequel that took a risk and did it.

With good looks, great cinematography and a strong script, Creed III is a story about never giving up, friendship and letting go of the past. Because of this, Creed III earns its place among the best boxing films by being a medium that shows detailed fist fights, not just fist fights about revenge.







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